Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Leicestershire Round part 5. Launde to Hallaton

Our walk started from Launde Abbey and headed east past these nosey cows!
The path passed Launde Park Wood to the north. The early morning sunshine and due covered spider webs made this part quite magical.
The path then abruptly turned south and headed uphill. From here on the far eastern horizon you can see Rutland Water (above).
From the other side of the hill Eyebrook Reservoir can be seen in the South East.
The path joins a very quiet road and down to Belton-in Rutland. We stopped here for some sandwiches.
From here a daring crossing of the A47 has to be attempted before entering the village of Allexton (above).
From Alexton you then begin to climb again. From the hill looking over Allexton Hall you get a good view back to Belton and Owston Woods beyond.
The corn in the fields was ripe for harvesting. In some fields they were actually harvesting it.
Flax growing in the path. In the open soil of the footpath flax seeds from a previous crop have grown into a purple carpet. Pretty but a little prickly for the short wearer.
One last look north gives a last glimpse of Whatborough Hill. I don't think we will see the hills of east Leicester again for a while.
Then to the south Hallaton appears. Slawston Hill stands just beyond.
Again we cross the dismantled train line.
The pub at Hallaton.

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